7 AAA titles for the Switch left in 2019 1

7 AAA titles for the Switch left in 2019

With 2019 halfway over, Nintendo still has at least 7 AAA titles still planned for the remainder of the year.

As Nintendo gears up for the holiday season, they’ll be pushing out the Switch Lite and a revamped version of the “regular” Switch with a new chipset and an extended battery life.

They’re setting up for the holidays and getting more players to purchase their console with these tasty treats we still have scheduled for a 2019 release. These are the games I’m most excited about coming out for the Switch this year:

Personally, I’m looking forward to TLoZ, as I’ve never actually played the original game and now this gives me an excuse to play through it with modernized artwork.

There are just too many modern games nowadays that I never have time to go through my retro collection. So I’ll be picking this up for sure.

What are you most excited about for the Switch?