Woodwork Simulator free to play, from the makers of PC Building Simulator

Woodwork Simulator is the next project by the same team who made PC Building Simulator.

This time around, you’ll be a master craftsman (or not), and you’ll be working with wood to build the wooden projects of your wildest dreams. The game has actually been released on Itch.io for free right now while it’s in its pre-alpha.

Woodwork Simulator is exactly what it sounds like- you build stuff with wood using tools and applicators to make stuff. You could probably build the most amazing abstract wooden pieces of art you could ever imagine!

There are currently four modes, which have various challenges and one freeplay mode where you can build as you desire. There are currently some basic tools in the game and some consumer goods like varnishes, as it’s only in pre-alpha right now.

You can play Woodwork Simulator for free right now. There’s no planned release date yet on the official Steam page, so there will be plenty of time before the full game gets released.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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