343 has no plans to include Halo 5 for The Master Chief Collection on PC

343 Industries has no plans to bring Halo 5 to the lineup for The Master Chief Collection on PC.

During an Inside Xbox session, 343 was there and announced that they’ll be bringing over The Master Chief Collection to the PC. And Halo reach would also be part of that lineup of games that’ll be included. So this means all major Halo games, including Reach, will be in the MCC on PC. But Halo 5 won’t be a part of this, as 343 stated they don’t have plans to included this title with the pack.

On Reddit, a recent AMA thread picked up the details where the community director of 343 went over a couple of pressing questions regarding the Master Chief collection on PC. The bulk of the questions regarding Halo Reach were answered by the user until someone popped the Q about Halo 5. Brian, the rep from 343, states:

“Our focus is bringing MCC and Reach to PC, there are no current plans to bring over Halo 5.

Brian is saying that they don’t have plans, but this isn’t confirmed. However, at this point, it doesn’t seem like they’re planning to include the game. Halo 5 was garbage when the game launched in terms of multiplayer matchmaking, but the game’s still going strong. However, note that every single game under one collection means that it’ll have every single campaign and multiplayer map, which still gets players a good bang for their buck. The MCC for Xbox One has been a huge success, and they’re looking to replicate it on the PC also this time around.

For players who haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on the other games, this definitely is a buy. Halo: The Master Chief collection currently can be bought for Xbox One, with the PC version coming later. You can check out the game on Amazon here.

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