Apex Legends: A Titanfall battle royale, slated to release February 4 1

Apex Legends: A Titanfall battle royale, slated to release February 4

A new free-to-play game that’s set in the Titanfall storyline is slated to release tomorrow, February 4.

According to speculators, the game will be a battle royale game based on the Titanfall lore based on many rumors online. Although none of them, from what I read, has concrete evidence, what they say is truly believable.

While the battle royale genre has been pretty much done by every company now trying to jump on the bandwagon, it’s no surprise that EA and Respawn wanted to create their own battle royale game. And what better way to make it unique than to use properties straight from Titanfall?

The speculations come from a few streamers who went to a special event who sent this info to Rob Breslau, an eSports reporter. He said that the developer called out pro gamers to the event to play a game called Apex Legends. The game features 3-player teams with 60 players total where they battle it out until the last team standing takes the cake. The game will be F2P and feature cosmetics via microtransactions and loot crates.

A few attendees reported that the game “felt good” and that they were “excited for it.” So there’s that going for it.

Although Apex Legends is a weird name and doesn’t really¬†communicate the Titanfall name, perhaps they didn’t want to dive in fully in case the game becomes a wreck and tarnish their rep even more than they did with Titanfall 2.

EA has trademarked the game name back in 2018 and you can even visit a blank site for the game at PlayApex.

The game may even be annouced during the Super Bowl.

Apex Legends, the Titanfall battle royale, releases tomorrow for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, until the game actually rolls out or EA makes an official statement, this is still just a speculation. A very last minute one.