Xbox Live will be brought to Switch, Android, iOS, PC, and possibly PlayStation 1

Xbox Live will be brought to Switch, Android, iOS, PC, and possibly PlayStation

Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to more platforms and has revealed their plans on how exactly they plan to do so.

They want to let users on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and even mobile to be able to exist together and use the same service for multiplayer, online gaming, achievements, voice, and pretty much everything all on a single service that allows any user on any of these platforms to play together- theoretically.

This would lead to true world domination.

Microsoft will make the announcement during GDC 2019 in March with a special dev session to reveal an Xbox Live SDK which will bring Xbox Live to the Switch, Android, and iOS. A report by Windows Central states the description for the panel reads as the following statement:

“Get a first look at the SDK to enable game developers to connect players between iOS, Android, and Switch in addition to Xbox and any game in the Microsoft Store on Windows PCs,”

This idea is already semi-universal as Microsoft requires an Xbox Live account to log in while playing on any other platform except PlayStation. One game that does already support this feature is Minecraft, as players can easily join games on any other platform and their purchases can carry over to any supported version. But with the update, they want to offer Xbox Live to cross-platform services to third-party devs.

No word from Sony yet as PS players may be separated from the bunch- like usual. But Sony has been coming to terms with their cross-play with games like Fortnite allowing this first-ever feat.

Regardless, this is news for Microsoft as this will expand their network even onto competitor platforms and make the experience that much more universal overall.

Source: Game Industry.