Bethesda will be bringing over their newest games to Steam, which will mean the game will be available for PC players outside of Bethesda/Epic.

Bethesda to bring DOOM Eternal, RAGE 2, and Wolfenstein to Steam

Bethesda is coming back on track after its disastrous release of Fallout 76.

While we’re all in the midst of the Metro Exodus fallout and The Outer Worlds both becoming Epic Games Store exclusives, Bethesda seems to be doing something right by bringing their own digital games over to Steam like how many players want it to be.

Bethesda tweeted earlier today that they’ll be bringing DOOM EternalWolfenstein: YoungbloodRAGE 2, and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot on Steam and they won’t be exclusive to Epic, as they’ve been poaching here and there to sign deals with publishers. For gamers who want all their PC games on Steam, this will be on a company that you’ll be happy to buy from.

They also announced that Fallout 76 will be coming to Steam also. Before, PC layers could only buy it through without any way to get it outside of that. Now, they’ll be bringing the game over to Steam. Perhaps this will get players sweet-talked into buying the game and giving it a try, especially with the new content updates.

Bethesda pleased a lot of players today with their tweet- hopefully, they’re on the road to redemption.

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