Black Ops 4 new limited time game mode Ambush leaked by CoD Companion

A new game mode is coming to Black Ops 4. And it’s called Ambush.

This new game mode is a limited time mode and was annouced by Treyarch earlier today. Ambush isn’t live yet but will roll out in a future update for the latest entry into the CoD series. The news came when the Call of Duty Companion app gave the heads up earlier than it was planned.

Ambush is a special limited time game mode that features exclusively¬†Sniper Rifles and melee weapons, as reported by Charlie Intel, so Skulker and Dead Silence will be much more effective and can be used to your advantage. The Outlander perk will also be very¬†useful for Ambush because the circle will continue to collapse and it’ll never stop. Using Outlander will be extremely helpful for dodging the circle.

Ambush will likely roll out after the current limited time mode Down But Not Out which rolled out on the PS4 earlier this week. When this mode ends, Ambush will likely launch right after DBNO.

If you’ve been itching to try out Black Ops 4, there’s a free trial right now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 until January 24. Players who participate in the free trial can get Echelons and Black Market Tiers.

You can check out the trailer for it here: