Blizzard possibly working on Diablo 4 and “other Warcraft games”

Blizzard is hiring more Diablo developers even in the midst of all the layoffs.

Though this may or may not be Diablo 4, the latest speculation is that another Diablo is in the works which were annouced today at Blizzard’s earnings reports today.

COO Coddy Johnson talked about Blizzard’s development in terms of Diablo teams for unmentioned projects. This still happened even though Activision laid off 8% of the workforce.

Diablo Immortal, the mobile-based version of Diablo that displeased a lot of fans, is still a confirmed project that’s scheduled for release. However, with Blizzard hiring more Dialog developers, this could definitely mean another project is in the works for the Diablo crowd. This could definitely mean Diablo 4 and possible a Diablo 2 remaster.

Johnson said that he’s also investing in other Warcraft games, but “Blizzard’s management is reinforcing its pipeline with more resources than ever before to support planned mobile titles, several PC and console releases, and WoW’s continued cadence of content.”

The Warcraft games he’s talking about could be Warcraft 3 Reforged and Wow Classic, or it could be something else entirely. With all the layoffs though, don’t expect much from Blizzard this year.