Come up with a slogan for the Mad Box; Get $10K and free games forever

Slightly Mad Studios has annouced that they’ll be shelling out $10K and free games for life for anyone who can come up with a slogan for their much-speculated console release- the Mad Box.

The Mad Box developer is allowing gamers to chime in with their ideas for a slogan for their console they’re developing. the Mad Box is speculated to have full VR capabilities and be as powerful as a high-end PC that’ll be released 2-3 years from now. Many are thinking this will be a competitor to the Xbox 2 and the PS5 in 2020, but then again, many have attempted to penetrate this market and have failed to do so (i.e. Valve’s Steambox).

CEO Ian Bell posted a tweet saying that company recently paid a marketing company to come up with the following slogan:

“You’d be Mad to not buy the Box.”

That’s pretty lame. And Bell knows it. So he’s allowing the public to come up with their own slogans and offering a $10,000 reward and get free games forever. Whether this means free games on any platform or just their own is unknown, but it’s likely just for the Mad Box. Bell’s Twitter was then filled with many slogans after posting this.

While the Mad Box is planned, it’s not confirmed it’ll ever reach the actual production phase. A few pictures have been released, but the console may never even reach the marketing phase for consumers to buy. But Bell has done a good job himself of marketing it as it’s been making headlines for the past few weeks.

You can throw in your own slogan by tweeting @bell_sms on Twitter.

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