Cooking Simulator delayed until Q1 2019

Cooking Simulator has been delayed until early 2019 based on a post on the Steam Community page.

Cooking Simulator is exactly what it sounds like- you cook. As awkwardly as possible. The game is aiming for a realistic take on cooking with realistic graphics and a bunch of awesome things you can do in the game. Of course, it’s fun to cook up meals as directed, but it’s even more fun to microwave some tin foil and light the place on fire.

Gameplay will be as expected with any simulator game. There will real representations of food and the plenty of recipes that come along with them. You can expect realistic graphics and real-life cooking recipes. There will be a career mode where you can make dishes and build up your reputation and unlock more recipes. And there will be a sandbox mode, which I’d assume is where players will turn it into their own rendition of Overcooked.

Cooking Simulator was originally planned to be released sooner, but the devs have pushed it back to make sure it’s “prepped.” No jokes, please.

They may miss out on Christmas sales, but Wastelands Interactive wants to make things right with a polished game rather than rush it out full of bugs, like *ahem* Fallout 76.

Cooking Simulator can be added to your wishlist if you want to keep tabs on the game. It’ll come out early 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Console editions will debut later. PC will debut first. And there will be a possible VR version at some point.

There’s an official trailer that you can check out below:

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This game looks so cool but how do you get it on your PlayStation 4?