Dauntless, new free-to-play RPG, has hit 5M players already

The new RPG Dauntless from Phoenix Labs has amassed a huge 5M playerbase.

Dauntless is a free-to-play game released earlier this week on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game is made by Phoenix Labs, who wanted to create a hack and slash RPG where you fight epic creatures as a specific fantasy class.

The game launched on the Epic Games Store earlier this week and already has reached a staggering amount of players in such a short time.

Robin Mayne, Phoenix Co-Founder, stated that they went with Epic because they want to achieve having every player be able to truly connect with one another.

The success of Dauntless came out of nowhere, and almost reminds me of Apex Legends.

Dauntless allows true player interaction between different platforms, as players on any platform can join any server and play alongside their friends (or random players) on any other platform.

This is what real cross-play looks like. The game also has cross-progression between all platforms supported.

You can access your character on your PC and continue on your Xbox One or PS4 with exactly the same progression. So there’s no limitation no matter which device you’re playing on.

Voice chat also spans across all 3 supported platforms, so you can talk with PC players on a console and vice versa. This is something that so many other games who advertise to be cross-platform fail to support, yet Dauntless supports this functionality right out of the box.

Perhaps their engine was built for this, rather than being built for PC then later ported to consoles.

Phoenix Labs will be porting Dauntless over to the Nintendo Switch and mobile phones also.

This will be pretty awesome as supporting so many consoles and platforms would allow players to get their dose of Dauntless from any device.

However, we’re not completely sure if Phoenix will be able to make this happen, as there will be difficulties getting something like this to be reality.

Dauntless is free-to-play on the Epic Games Store.

At the time of this writing, it seems like their servers are having some difficulties keeping up. The success of this game is definitely nothing to scoff at.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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