Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC adds a ton of new weapons

Destiny 2 is getting its third DLC expansion rolling out this September called Forsaken, which follows up on Warmind which was just released this May. Forsaken adds a large amount of new content tot he game and the official Twitter account of Destiny confirms it.

Several weapons have been teased under the banner of “new tools of the trade,” which seems interesting enough to draw some attention to the game as most of the recent packs have been criticized for not having enough content and things to do in the game.

The Two-Tailed Fox is a weapon that launches that two rockets simultaneously. The Antaeus Wards armor allows the player to reflect projectiles by sliding. The Trinity Ghoul weapon is a bow that generates an electrical storm arrow when precision killing enemies. The Sixth Coyote armor lets you double doge attacks. Malfeasance is a weapon hits five hits in swift succession and will detonate with an explosion. And the Black Talon is a projectile sword that can be thrown.

There’s also a gun called the One Thousand Voices that shoots and beam of fire and the Chromatic Fire armor takes on the same theme with elemental booms from precision kinetic kills. There’s another bow called the Wish-Ender which is a bow that allows the player to see through walls and price targets. Lastly, there’s the Ace of Spades which ss gun that grants extra damage bullets after reading following a kill. The Forsaken pack seems to be all weapons, but there will probably be no complaints from the community as weapons are always welcome.

Additional details to be released in the coming weeks. Forsaken for Destiny 2 comes out on September 4th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders will get you a nice cosmetic skin.