Devil May Cry 5 will run at 4K and 60 frames per second

Devil May Cry 5‘s Matt Walker of Capcom just confirmed that the next-gen game will run at a smooth 4K 60FPS.

Many fans will be stoked. Running this visual glory at a smooth 60FPS for that silky-smooth and enjoyable experience would be amazing for fans of the long-running series. Now, it’s really coming this March 2019.

But the catch is that it really depends on what system you get the game on.

PS4 Pro owners won’t be able to play it native 4K. Capcom will be using the checkerboarding to upscale the resolution to 4K. But the 60FPS is true 60FPS. Combine that with upscaled 4K means a smooth, visually applying (just judging by the screenshots so far), and glorious gameplay experience. Whether or not DMC5 will offer a “performance” or “visuals” preference toggle is still unknown at this point in time. So basically, DMC5 will be PS4 Pro enhanced.

Xbox One owners have less information to go on at this point. It may get the same upscaled 4K, but the Xbox One X is already more than capable of running it at native 4K with 60FPS. At this point, we’ll have to only speculate that native 4K with 60 frames per second will be offered for the Xbox One X console, granted that the system has no issue handling the game.

PC players will likely get the naive 4K resolution with 60FPS (to no surprise).

Devil May Cry 5 rolls out March of 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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