DMC on the Switch confirmed.

Devil May Cry coming to the Switch this summer

Devil May Cry doesn’t shy away from the big N, as the game series is coming to the Switch this summer.

Dante will be coming to the Nintendo, but it the game won’t be a remastered collection from what we’ve seen. The official DMC5 Twitter account confirmed that the 2001’s DMC game will be coming to the Switch.

The DMC HD collection was available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 last March, but this collection won’t be what’s coming the Switch, apparently. Just the original game with young Dante will be hitting the Switch this summer. The collection of games features DMC, DMC2, DMC3: SE- all running at a smooth 60FPS.

But the Switch won’t be missing out just yet. Even though the Switch version will be just the original DMC, there’s no confirmation yet of the finer details. Could it be revamped version? Who knows.

Devil May Cry and Nintendo has been a long-time thing. earlier this year, Hidaki Itsuno responded to speculation from fans regarding Dante joining SSBU. He told fans to campaign for this if they wanted it to really happen:

But now that we get Dante in his original glory, what’s there to complain about?

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