Nintendo's lineup for May revealed.

Nintendo adds Donkey Kong Jr., VS Excitebike, and Clu Clu Land for Switch Online

Nintendo has announced their next three games for the NES classic library for Nintendo Switch Online for May.

This time around, we’ll be getting Donkey Kong Jr., VS. Excitebike, and Clu Clu Land for May. Typically, they release games in trios, and this month is no different.

Donkey Kong Jr. is a sequel to the platformer Donkey Kong. Mario appears as the bad guy in a Nintendo game, and is the only time you’ll find this happening- ever. Mario captured DK Jr.’s dad (DK), and DK Junior needs to defeat Mario! This is the sequel platformer to DK, which already exists in the library.

VS. Excitebike is a newer version of Excitebike that allows for multiplayer competition. Playing this online would mean that players can face off against each other without having to be in the same room, which ties with the online service perfectly.

Clu Clu Land is probably the least popular game in the lineup. This is a maze-like arcade game where a balloonfish needs to find treasures around a maze.

Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s paid online service with nearly 10M players. NES classic games come free with your paid subscription, which can be monthly or yearly. Other notable games that are already available in NES classic library include
Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Bros., Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and more.

An annual paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will run you a mere $19.99, which is a lot cheaper than its bigger brothers.

You can pick up Nintendo Online subscription on Amazon and grab these titles alongside others.

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