Devil May Cry- eShop only?

Devil May Cry will be a digital-only release on the Switch

Devil May Cry 5 for the Nintendo Switch has been confirmed, and it looks like that it’ll be only available on the eShop.

For most players, especially those who’ve never played the game before, this really won’t amtetr. But for collectors who may be buying the game out of fandom, this could be a shock.

Capcom announced earlier this week that the original DMC will be available on the Switch this coming summer. But details were sparse and other than the game being the original, we don’t know much else. The game won’t be the HD collection and may not be a remaster, but it will be just the original DMC with young Dante.

The game has already been confirmed and according to Capcom’s site, Devil May Cry will only be released digitally:

The pros of this would mean that the game should be much cheaper than normal, since it’s a dated game and now it’s only on the eShop. However, Capcom also did say they’re bringing Resident Evil 1 and 0 to the Switch and these games will be getting a physical release for a full MSRP of $59.99- even though both games are dated.

DMC, being exclusive on the eShop, may be much cheaper having just a digital release. The original release date seems to have no effect on pricing for Resident Evil, so we’ll have to see for Devil May Cry.