Play the original Minecraft for free.

Minecraft Classic is now free; Celebrate the game’s anniversary

The original Minecraft pre-alpha has been released for free to the public.

Minecraft is celebrating its decade anniversary in about a week and a few days. The original Minecraft, back from 2009, can now be played for free online. Although the game has waned a bit and isn’t nearly as popular as its peak, the game still holds a large player base and has significantly changed the gaming industry as a whole.

Whether it’s clones, copies, and taking similar features and using them in other games, Minecraft has gained worldwide popularity during its time.

Mojang has sold over 30M copies of the game, and has agreed with Microsoft to make the pre-alpha build of Minecraft Classic available on web browsers for free. you can literally go play this right now- no download needed. The 2009 version of the game will let you see how much the game has evolved over time.

Minecraft Classic has just 32 blocks, no weapons, biomes, nor tools. All you can do is explore the terrain within one biome, mine, and place blocks. The game does seem to be running not as smoothly as the current version and every block breaks in one hit, but for those who’ve been playing since the beginning, you already know this.

For players who aren’t used to the alpha build and roots of the game, you’ll be surprised at how far the game has come.

Minecraft still has plenty of plans for the future. An AR version of the game has been undergoing testing for mobile devices, and we should hear more during the 10-year anniversary for the game.

Strangely, Notch won’t be invited to the event– the original creator of Minecraft because of differences between him and Microsoft.

You can go ahead and access Minecraft Classic here.