Dr. Mario World releases next month; Here’s what we know

Dr. Mario World will be released on Android and iOS coming this summer.

Nintendo has been going all out in the mobile world, with their latest entry Dr. Mario World rolling out in just a few weeks. A new trailer was released for the game today to get fans hyped up to kill some viruses as the one and only Doc Mario.

Watching the trailer brings many nostalgic feelings back, alongside some new and enhanced graphics, artwork, and UI.

The game feels like a complete remake of the original, and the gameplay style seems like something that any kid can easily get the hang of. Bright colors, large counters, and easy and colorful artwork makes this something that appeals to all.

Nintendo also added a new power system to this revamp of the classic Dr. Mario, where a variety of doctors allow you to use a special ability when they max out their power meter. You can choose from Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and possibly some hidden ones via purchase?

The game is free to play and will have microtransactions that allow you to do various things. The currency will be Diamonds and will start with a basic pack of worlds for players to get accustomed to. Each world has multiple levels- the amount is known.

Dr. Mario World rolls out next month on 7/10 and available now. Players can actually pre-register the game on mobile for free, which is weird. But it’s a way Nintendo can gauge player demand before the game actually comes out for public release.

You can check out the trailer here:

Eugene Schmidt

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