Nintendo's stock had jumped up 17% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange because the console will be headed to China.

Nintendo’s stock jumps 17%; Switch approved for China

Nintendo’s stock had jumped up 17% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

This was following news after the Switch has been approved for sale in China. The Switch has been a huge success all over the world, especially in the US. Since its release just two years ago in March 2017, the Switch has shattered sales records and has become one of the best-selling consoles of gaming hardware entirely.

They’ve sold all over the world in most major markets- except China.

But now, the console has been approved for sale in one of the most population-dense countries int he world. There’s no doubt the resounding success will replicate in China. Nintendo’s stock has jumped a whopping 17%, which is the highest jump since July of 2016, when their app released and definitely took over the world.

The Switch has been sought after illegally throughout the country, but this marks the first time of legal sales. There is news that suggests a disparity between the government approval’s status and when the console will actually release. The bundle will include a “test” version of Super Mario Bros. U. Deluxe.

China houses one of the world’s largest gaming markets. With the Switch’s track record and success, this should be a freebie and guaranteed best-seller.