Fallout 76 isn't going free-to-play; Bethesda confirms 1

Fallout 76 isn’t going free-to-play; Bethesda confirms

Fallout 76 has gotten off to a very shaky start, and some people were just speculating on when the game would free-to-play after bugs, glitches, exploits, and more madness.

With all the negative reception the game has received so far and Bethesda in the driver’s seat, they haven’t really done much in terms of fixing up their problems. The game is still a buggy mess with hackers and exploiters even after multiple major patches. They’ve done some work in improving the game, but it’s still far from a Bethesda experience as we come to expect.

Players have been wondering when the game may go F2P and just run on a microtransaction system with its Atomic Store, which allows players to buy stuff with Atoms, their in-game currency. Atoms can be earned by completing quests or spending real cash.

There have been a few rumors floating around this week that the game was going free-to-play after physical copies of the game were in short supply in Australia. A customer noticed that EB Games, a retailer in AUS had no copies of the game and that other players were buying them up and supply has been discontinued.

Well, this is fake. Users posted on Twitter spreading the fake news and some demanded their money back if it ever goes F2P.

Bethesda then replied with a one-liner that debunked the speculation once and for all:

“There is no truth to this rumor.”

EB Games has then also been responding to the rumor and says that the rumor is just “categorically incorrect” and that EB Games will continue to support Fallout 76 which can be purchased physically and online. But fans aren’t wrong to assume Bethesda has pulled another one. Given all the commotion they’ve been stirring up, players jumped ahead to the assumption that the game would go F2P.
Fallout 76 is currently still getting updates and patched weekly. The game will be getting a PvP factions mode and weekly updates. The game is available on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can pick up a copy on Amazon.
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