FFVII Remake footage revealed to the public.

FFVII Remake first-ever footage revealed, details

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been confirmed, but we’ve yet to see any real footage of the game, until now.

Sony released a small clip of FFVII Remake in their State of Play presentation today, compiled with some new footage of the game’s intro scenes. This was already speculated a few day ago, and this was proven to be true.

Characters Aerith and Sephiroth were both shown in the brief clip, and there was a small scene with the FFVII’s new combat system. It definitely looks a lot more complex and detailed compared to the original game./

This footage hasn’t been released before, so it’s brand new to the public. Although the game will be a remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, the trailer itself uses CG straight from the actual game. Nothing is new, but at the same time, everything’s new. It’s currently unknown if these are actual scenes from the game.

Game Director Tetsuya Nomura has admitted that the game was revealed too early to the public before there was much to show the audience. However, the video ends with fans left hungry for more details coming in June.

FFVII Remake will have more details revealed next month and will be available on the PS4.