Fortnite ending Fortnitemares with in-game live event today; Butterfly begins?

The speculated Butterfly event in Fortnite will go live today at 1PM ET/10AM PT/12PM CT/7PM CET and will mark the official end of Fortnitemares. Kevin the Purple Cube will finally meet his demise, and this is a one-time live event happening in Fortnite. You’ll likely never be able to see this again- in person at least. So get ready to witness history.

Everything we know comes from data miners and data leaks with various game files that are pieced together with speculation to guesstimate what’ll happen during this new event. The Butterfly kickoff event will likely only last a few minutes, so be sure you’re logged in if you want to watch it live for yourself.

This isn’t the first time Epic has done an in-game live event, such as last time when the rocket was blasted and many players tuned in to watch it happen. The same goes for the Butterfly event. Be there or be square. This isn’t an NPC quest in an MMO where everyone gets to see the event upon mouse click.

Players had problems with matchmaking queues during Season 4 with the rocket launch, so be there early- at least 10 minutes early before the event. If you’re reading this now, the Butterfly event starts in a little over 30 minutes from now. You should probably look into Fortnite and prime your cursor!

With the launch of Butterfly, Fortnitemares will come to an end. Epic Games still hasn’t specified which game modes the event will be visible in, other than it won’t be in Playground LTM. Stick with Solo, Duos, or Squads in Fortnitemares. No Disco Domination.

Navigate over to Leaky Lake and find the Purple Cube and watch out for enemies. If you get eliminated you won’t have time to get into a new game. Try spectating other players if you get killed. There are rumors that players will be invulnerable during the event, but there hasn’t been any solid confirmation yet, so be careful.

Kevin the Cube cracked open yesterday and started leaking yesterday. The Purple Cube looks like it’s about to end itself and data miners have gathered that it’ll split into three fragments with Leaky Lake returning to its previous appearance as Loot Lake with some new islands added to the map, though we’re not sure what they are. Probably related to Butterfly.

We’ll post an update after the event. See you at Leaky Lake!

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