Fortnite’s purple cube debunked; Data miners show off game files

With zombies and goblins causing chaos all over the map in Fortnite during their Fortnitemares event, no one seems to be paying attention to the purpose cube sitting around at Loot Lake.

Season 6 is already upon us and players have been wondering what’s up with the purple cube and its ominous glow which was first spotted back in August. Traveling to Loot Lake and destroying it followed by spawning zombies all around, the purple cube is starting to do something.

Fortnite streamer Dakotaz saw the cube break open during a Playground match earlier today. The cube suddenly broke apart and the substance inside it has begun leaking out into the whirlpool around the cube.

This is on-par with the current event going on in Fortnite right now- called Butterfly, which will go live today tomorrow, November 4th. The cube seems to be setting up for the event.

The video of the cube splitting was tweeted on his Twitter account:

Soon afterward, another event took place. The cube shows something leaking from the core and drop directly into the split below.

Later on, Fortnite data miners at Silox discovered some game files that show what happens to the ominous purple cube. If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s what happens:

The cube will split into a trio of fragments as shown by texture files based on leaked data from Silox. A tweet was posted with the fragments two days prior on November 1st.

The Butterfly event will take place tomorrow, November 4th at 1PM ET. Epic said the live game event won’t be visible in Playground mode.

So far, we’ve seen some weird butterfly shapes and some weird sounds from sources around the web, but we’re not exactly sure what they’ll be used for. We’ll have to sit tight for a little over 11 hours from now until the event goes live to see what it’s all about.


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