Fortnite V7.30 adds Bluetooth controller support for mobile – What’s new?

Fortnite on Android and iOS will now let you play with a wireless Bluetooth controller.

Epic Games has done very well in getting the world’s most popular battle royale game to so many platforms, which all offer interconnected accounts and cross-play. For players who may have found themselves at a pretty major disbenefit compared to players on a console or mouse/keyboard combo.

The newest V7.30 patch fixes this problem by adding Bluetooth controller support for both mobile platforms. Android gets:

“Most of Bluetooth controller adapters, such as SteelSeries Stratus XL, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju, and Moto Gamepad,”

As for iOS:

“MFi controllers, such as Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice.”

This should definitely level the playing field for those on a mobile device or those who grew up with a controller in their hand and aren’t used to slippery phone controllers that provide nothing other than visual feedback. This should also make mobile players more competitive or quelch the thirst of those who want to up their Fornite game but don’t have a high-end PC or phone that’s capable to play competitively.

Other than that, there will also be a 60Hz update on specific Android devices alongside visual cues for vehicles and Balloons as a QoL update.

Save the World gets a new X-Ray Llama to allow players to see what’s inside chests for loot. There will also be a new Spectral Sword added o the game.

V7.30 brings some new equips, one being the Chiller Grenade which is a snowman’s face. The grenade will instantly freeze enemies it detonates on. There current LTM is Solid Gold, which is a new mode where weapon spawns are only Legendary and building materials are everywhere in plenty of abundances.

The game will also be adding piano keys and music blocks for the Creative mode, which means you can now create your tracks in  Fortnite. There’s also a new Arctic Base prefab to use as a level theme.

Fortnite version 7.30 is already live and available on all platforms. If you’re a mobile player, you’ll be in a for a good Fortnite.