Fortnite’s map is now completely covered in snow

After many updates later, Fortnite has finally gotten the “snow map” it deserves.

This isn’t anything new, as one of the biggest data mines in Fortnite history has already been leaked and included this update. But for those who haven’t heard, the entire map in Fortnite is now covered in plain, white snow.

Epic Games went all out by updating the map to give new and existing players a touch of Christmas spirit. They also promised new events to look forward to in regards to the holidays.

Fortnite did have snow show up in the southwest corner of the map during the start of Season 7 on December 6. But now, the snowstorm has covered the entire map in snow for a battle royale experience that’ll hurt your eyes if your brightness is too high.

Data miners first uncovered the upcoming change to the map during a leak on December 18, which revealed everything including the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges and exclusive skins for the holidays.

Epic strangely hasn’t said anything about their latest update to the map. I guess it’s their way of giving a Christmas surprise to the players.

Typically, Epic will inform the public about new events or game changes, but this has silently updated without any official word.

Anyway, the next update rolls out on December 30 for the V7.10 patch. This is only the first half of the holidays from Fortnite!

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i hate the snow get rid of it please, can play more then 2 games without extreme eye strain from too much white. snow maps are shi* on all fps.