Gone Home free on Humble Bundle for a limited time

For those who are into indie games, Humble Bundle has Gone Home now available for free.

Although the game’s sentiment is highly-regarded as a positive experience, there is a select group of players who find it the completely opposite. On one hand, you have a group of players who think the game’s storyline is emotional and driving, whereas others think the game is downright boring. I’m actually in the latter group (sorry to those who think otherwise).

Regardless, you can grab yourself a copy of Gone Home on Humble Bundle for free. the game doesn’t utilize Steam keys, so you literally download about 2GB of indie data on your computer. It’s a DRM-free copy from now until 5/3. The offer is part of the Monthly Trove promotion, which is basically Humble’s version of a subscription service that allows you to play a bunch of games for a monthly fee.

This game will be free forever once you download it. But the offer is for a limited time only. Gone Home has been free on other platforms also, such as Xbox One’s Games with Gold, itcho.io for PC, and even PS Plus. Twitch has also offered this game for free through Prime.

Gone Home has also appeared on the Nintendo Switch and has some SNES carts scattered about the house you spend all your time in. Nintendo actually gave the developers permission to use classic cartridges, so that’s pretty cool.

Whether you like Gone Home or no, free is free. For those who’ve never played it, this is the best way to try it out. The whole game. For free. Check it out on Humble Bundle.