Harry Potter: Wizards Unite new trailer, release date soon?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the official Harry Potter game from Niantic, has released a new trailer that’ll get HP fans fired up.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has had fans following like the Sorcerer’s Stone. The game has already released a limited beta in New Zealand last month and the game’s official launch will be taking place soon.

Today, the team revealed a new trailer which will make any HP fan’s jaw drop. You can check out the trailer at the end of this post.

HP’s trailer shows off some of the lore behind the game- the world of Harry Potter has some prying eyes and could be discovered by wandering beings, so it’s your job to stop the chaos from taking place.

The trailer shows off some attacks from objects like books being dangerous and the creatures of Harry Potter escaping into the real world. Players will fight back against the enemies by using their phone and will have a complete storyline.

The developer has stated that this game will take place over time and various pieces of the story will be released throughout time. Although the trailer seems absolutely amazing, the actual game will have to hold up to the promises made so far.

Regardless, we should hear a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date soon.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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