Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s third DLC Band of Bastards – What’s new?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be getting its third DLC release called Band of Bastards next month in February.

Henry must deal with a new emergence of threats as bandits have started causing a ruckus in the region. The various lords that rule the land aren’t able to secure the roads ever since the great war, thus Henry was summoned by the cause to do something about it.

Sir Radzing Kobyla has hired a band of mercenaries to kill the bandits, but there’s only one problem- they’re ex-cons. Now Henry needs to guide the group across the region and deal with any trouble they give him.

This will be the third installment to Kingdom Come: Deliverance and it’ll hit early February, which follow the previous DLC From the Ashes and The Amorous Adventure of Bold Sir Hans Capon. It seems like they’ve evolved the naming of their DLC packs since the first.

The trailer for this DLC is already live and you can view it after this article. A fourth DLC has already been planned and is expected to drop mid-2019 with the title A Woman’s Lot.