Kingdom Hearts first paid DLC ReMIND announced, details

Kingdom Hearts III’s first ever DLC has been announced and it’ll be called ReMIND.

This new DLC pack will have some nice features, one of them being a new additional scenario. Players will also be able to access a Limit Episode and Secret Episode each with their own boss battles included. There will also be English VA with the new content and some free DLC will also be given out as a new keyblade and form.

A new Twitter user called YanilynGaming states that Tetsuya Nomura has revealed the first details on this ReMIND content DLC for KH3. This DLC will be paid.

So far, there’s been no real details revealed yet about this DLC pack, as it was only announced at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert recently in Japan. Nomura also said that the game will be getting some paid DLC by 2019, but this probably isn’t the one. There will be additional KH3 DLC content rolling out for the rest of the year.

Kingdom Hearts III also got Critical Mode recently, which amped up the difficulty for fans and offered plenty of replayability for those who want to go through the entire game again. But that’s only for the hardcore fans. I think I’m okay for now.

KH3 will be surfacing again before we shut out 2019 with more DLC. Nomura says that it’ll be “huge” paid DLC, so stay tuned for updates.

Kingdom Hearts 3 can bought on the PS4 and Xbox One- you can pick up a copy on Amazon.

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