Luigi’s Mansion 3 rumored to release on October 4, 2019

Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be coming sooner than you think.

A post on ResetEra shows that user MrCafecito ordered a copy of Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Amazon Mexico. Then he received an email confirming the order and that it’ll be shipped on 10/4/19.

Looking at the calendar, October 4th is a Friday. And we know that the Switch Lite rolls out on September 20- just before the release date of the supposed Luigi’s Mansion 3. This would make sense to release an AAA title shortly after the Switch Lite releases.

Previously, Amazon Mexico had a leak with the game listed for release and some users pre-ordered it during this time.

Assuming this is real, Nintendo fans will be very busy later this year. With September being a month full of AAA releases, they’ll be occupied for quite some time.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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