Switch Lite brings disappointment to fans; price, release date, details

The Switch Lite is here, and it may upset a few people. Is it really a Switch if you can’t switch between portable and TV?

For anyone’s who been following Nintendo news for the past few months, you’re probably aware that Nintendo has been working on a new Switch model.

A cheaper, slimmer model at a lower price point was always speculated. Now we have confirmation from Nintendo.

The Switch Lite is a portal console that features a small 5.5″ touch screen with a real D-pad. There are no detachable Joy-Cons, no HDMI port, and no connection with the dock. This means that you can’t play this on your TV, which was a huge disappointment to me and I’ll probably forgo this thing altogether.

If you already own a Switch, the only thing that carries over are the Joy-Cons, which can connective to the Switch Lite without any wires.

The Switch Lite is rated between 3-7H of runtime, which doesn’t really spark any excitement. There will be no dock nor kickstand- it’s completely handheld.

Nintendo has put up some system specs online. Many prospective buyers aren’t pleased and consider a lower price point to be more fitting. Or just buying an all out Switch. The hybrid Switch Lite doesn’t really do much as the regular console can already go portable. This doesn’t offer much other than a cheaper price and slimmer profile.

There will be 3 colors: yellow, blue, and gray. The price point will be $200 and releases on September 20, 2019. There will also be some special Pokemon editions available shortly after.