Nintendo's stock had jumped up 17% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange because the console will be headed to China.

Nintendo planning to revise current Switch; New chipset and SSD

With Nintendo’s upcoming Switch Lite, they’ve been very busy as of late. But that doesn’t mean they’re not focusing on their current console.

The new Lite will have a slimmer profile, longer battery life, and a cheaper MSRP. But what about the other Nintendo Switch that was speculated, AKA the Nintendo Switch Pro? We haven’t heard anything about it yet, but that’s probably something to wait on for now.

The original Switch will be getting some hardware changes as detailed by a letter from Nintendo to the FCC. There will be a new SoC to replace the Nvidia Tegra chipset, which currently powers both the GPU and CPU tasks. A new NAND SSD will also be utilized. And a few mobo changes to accommodate the new chips will be added to make the whole thing work.

These chips have yet to be announced, but if anything, they’ll likely be more powerful than the current gen version. Players have complained about FPS drops and slowness across a multitude of games. The console just doesn’t have enough power to handle some of the games right now, so this new Switch will probably have either more powerful components or increased efficiency to handle games smoother.

For current Switch owners, this probably won’t be worth an upgrade. Although the hardware changes are major, they’re mainly to lessen the performance problems the Switch has. Not everyone suffers from this, and even though who do may not even care. So it really depends on how smooth you want your games to run (and your wallet).

Note that this is not the Switch Pro that everyone’s waiting on hearing about. This is the same Switch console- just a “beefier” one.