Nintendo has 10M Switch Online subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online was recently made available and went live back in September of last year.

During this short period of time, the number of subscribers has almost amassed a whopping 10 million players. This was announced by Nintendo during a shareholder meeting earlier this week. And shareholders were likely very happy with these figures.

Subscription income is passive, predictable income that Nintendo can continue to utilize and reinvest the profits. It’s SaaS, after all.

The previous Q4 2018 year end results were of course bare numbers, and Nintendo just launched the online component. So we’re up a 9.8M climb since then. These numbers look good.

Now Nintendo has to continue scaling for the next report. Of course, they won’t have such massive numbers the second time around- in terms of subscriber account change.

They’re bound to hit a plateau eventually, but the number should continue increasing with more players buying Switch consoles, especially with the two new Switch models coming out.

Switch sales are around 35M from the last report, so there’s plenty of room to get more subscribers. Nintendo does expect the number to continue to rise as they market the new service.