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New “smaller and cheaper” Nintendo Switch planned

Hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch have been amazing for 2018.

The console topped out on top for game sales overall and had a very awesome holiday season- especially because of their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release. A new report has surfaced saying that they’ll be bringing home a new handheld-home console that’s a redesigned version of the Switch.

The name is unknown, but it’ll be a smaller version of the Switch a cheaper price point. The report comes from Nikkei and says that the Switch will be portable and “easy to carry around.” After all, that’s what the Switch is, but how much more portable do we need it to be? The report says that a version of the Switch could be released this year all the way through March 2020.

The new, smaller Switch is rumored to be able to fit in your pocket. The current Switch already has some aftermarket “mods” that allow it to do stuff like plug in GameCube controllers.

Other than the Switch and Nintendo 3DS, there aren’t many other systems that they’re working on right now. So having another project being worked on is always a plus. Mobile doesn’t seem to fare well for Nintendo. 2DS is already becoming obsolete right now.

The Switch retails at $300, and while this may be too expensive for those who want just a handheld, the 3DS is the way to go. But some people don’t want a handheld-handheld, so the Switch “S” will be a good middleman console. Younger fans will definitely want to pick one up for the portability, and younger gamers are already used to mobile gaming. With a smaller, cheaper, and lighter Switch, Nintendo could bring in a younger demographic.

Right now, who knows how it’ll work. The controls, functionality, and connectivity? We don’t even know the name yet. So sit tight. Nintendo should release something about the new Switch at E3 or Direct. They’ll have their booth at E3 2019.