"Ultimate" GameCube Adapter for SSBU on Switch raises $30K on Day 1 1

“Ultimate” GameCube Adapter for SSBU on Switch raises $30K on Day 1

A GameCube adapter for the Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been launched on Kickstarter- and it’s doing very well.

With SSBU just coming out a little over a month ago, the game has already shattered sales records. Amazon listed it as the best-selling video game in the entire category (including other games and even accessories like digital cards) during that month. Nintendo also said it had the highest number of pre-sale copies in the history of SSB. All this skyrocketed the latest Smash entry into the sky and broke records left and right.

Since then, a few aftermarket pieces have been released. One being Project NX, which is basically a mod that turns SSBU into Melee’s gameplay mechanics.

Now, esports team Panda Global has decided to launch a portable GameCube controller dock for the Switch. The project is already online on Kickstarter and has been revised a few times. They’re asking for $55K to make this thing happen and has already raised over $30K at the time of this writing. And it’s still Day 1. There’s obviously a demand for this peripheral.

They’re partnering with GearHawk Studio to develop the GameCube Adapter with the Panda Hardware brand.

This thing will let players play SSBU on-the-go with GameCube peripherals. The adapter is powered by the Switch and it can even charge it with a USB-C charger (that was included with the Nintendo Switch). Up to 4 players can play using GameCube controllers and it even has a USB 3.0 port for using a LAN adapter or USB controller.

The best part is that it can be combined with another Adapter or the official GameCube controller for up to 8 players. The adapter also has rumble support built-in.

The official name is the “Ultimate GameCube Adapter” and will run you $45 via Panda Hardware. The release date is planned to be July this year, and there are a few tiers you can pledge in to depending on what you need for the ultimate Ultimate setup.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.