Nintendo won’t reveal who’s behind the Labo

The Nintendo Labo has been a pretty good success based on word around the web.

One questionable thing about Nintendo’s new interactive cardboard toy is that no one (other than Nintendo) is who exactly is developing the software for this product.

Kotaku has been prodding them with questions regarding the software development for the Labo, but even during the latest showcase, they stated that Nintendo has declined to answer any questions about the people developing the software for the toy.

Although this isn’t unlike Nintendo, since they’ve been quiet about this whole project since the start. They haven’t revealed anything about the teams or devs behind the Labo yet.

The only thing that makes this a weird thought is that it’s already out and released. It’s not like it’s still in development- it’s already availble for pre-order. This sort of information isn’t usually concealed after a game or product release.

The Labo Variety Kit and the Labo Robot Kit both roll out in a few months. Perhaps then Nintendo will shed some information. Right now, if you’re einterested in Labo, you can grab the Toy-Cons on preorder right now from their store.

Image via Nintendo.