Overwatch preps for Season 1 League tourney (and gives a few freebies to celebrate)

Overwatch League skins/sprays are now up for grabs!

Overwatch League is here! Get a free skin to support  your favorite team!
Overwatch League is here! Get a free skin to support your favorite team!

The latest patch is now live and mainly focuses on integration for the Overwatch League.

Yup, if you haven’t been following this game, it’s finally got to the point where the first season of competitive Overwatch is a real manifestation. The patch will add a whole new menu which you can access from the League button on the home screen.

In this menu, you’ll see official upcoming matches for the ladder. There are a total of 12 buttons which you can click on to buy skins to support your favorite team- that’s 26 skins total.

You’ll also be able to watch the games live from this menu as well.

It’s pretty much what League of Legends is doing. Overwatch is just making it a lot more accessible for players to stream live content and keep up to date with the tournaments. I think for the casual gamer, they wouldn’t even bother looking this info up.

With this feature built directly into the game (and the skins as well), it offers a lot more exposure for the competitive side of Overwatch.

League Skins can be purchased with League Tokens, which are an in-game currency created just for the League. Each skin costs 100 tokens, and 100 tokens costs about $5 in the US. You can only buy the Home skins for each team, which totals up to 312 new skins. If you wanted to actually buy every single skin, it’d cost you $1200 USD.

Now that’s hardcore.

Also, if you log in before 2/13, you’ll get a free 100 token bonus (a $4.99 value), so you’ll be able to get a free skin to support your team. You’ll also get 13 new sprays (12 team logos and 1 Overwatch League logo).

Besides all the League celebration, the patch fixes a few bus as well (mainly Doomfish). There’s also a new UI feature for Zenyatta which shows the HP for targets that have his Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony appended to.

And if you really want to follow the ladders, the official League app was launched as well. It begins 1/10/18.

Are you ready for Season 1?