Overwatch update nerfs Mercy and Junkrat

Overwatch has gone through some major changes in the last patch- specifically for two of the most ass-kicking characters in the game.

Mercy has been top-tier for the past couple of months already in almost every single match. Overwatch League was no exception. She has a super high pick rate and also has the kit to seriously help dominate the enemy team.

Having the ability to revive 2 downed teammates instantly and being able to support the remaining 3 members for twenty seconds is just OP. Because of this, Blizzard has gone ahead and laid down the nerf hammer once again.

In the newest patch, her ultimate Valkyrie has been dropped down to just 15 seconds and also the speed boost has been reduced to just 50% that it provides to Guardian Angel.

Valkyrie will also no longer give her an extra Resurrect charge and it won’t negate the casting time. With these nerfs, players should see a lower Mercy pick rate since Blizzard has gone in and pretty much nerfed her like crazy. She won’t be as helpful and OP as before- that’s for sure. Even skilled players won’t be nearly as effective as before.

The updates were available on the PTR server for a while now. Reactions from players have been mixed. It does what it does- it nerfs her. But some players complained that it goes too far because of the significant casting time of Resurrect and leaves her vulnerable for quite some time.

Even with this player feedback, Blizzard still slammed the hammer.

Junkrat also got a minor nerf in which the Concussion Mine will have damage falloff. They now detonate with weaker damage and need to be extremely close to the target to deal the full 120 hit points. It’s not that bad, but it just makes the AoE of the mines deal less damage.

If you’re a Mercy hater or a Junkrat hater, this update should be bliss.

Image via playoverwatch.com