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Overwatch “Spider Windowmaker” skin leaked

Overwatch’s Windowmaker has a new Halloween skin. And it’s something that you’d feel like should’ve been implemented a long, long time ago. It looks very similar to her default skin, but it has some...

Wrecking Ball joins the Overwatch Crew

Wrecking Ball will join the cast of Overwatch on July 24, 2018, based on a Tweet from the official Twitter account. Every year, Overwatch gets three new heroes to join the craze on almost...

Overwatch nerfs both Mercy and Junkrat in newest update.

Overwatch update nerfs Mercy and Junkrat

Overwatch has gone through some major changes in the last patch- specifically for two of the most ass-kicking characters in the game. Mercy has been top-tier for the past couple of months already in...