Realm Royale public beta on PS4/Xbox One; Hi-Rez wants to resurrect game

Hi-Rez Studios is finally making the Realm Royale beta on consoles public. Now anyone can get a taste of the battle royale that’s completely free to play.

While a lot of folks will easily mark this off as another cheap Fortnite clone, the game does have some addicting gameplay to it and makes a decent alternative to the world’s most popular battle royale game. Hi-Rez is the team behind Paladins, which is pretty much a free version of Overwatch. Realm Royale was first released on PC and then subsequently released on PS4 and Xbox One in private beta, which is now no longer the case.

After that, Hi-Rez kind of just ignored the game and it dwindled off. But now, Hi-Rez has gone ahead and renewed its commitment to the game and plans to bring it back this year. So if you’re ready for a fresh take on the battle royale genre, give Realm Royale a try!

The player number has dwindled since then, but Hi-Rez wants to bring their game back to the relevancy of battle royale gamers. The first thing they’ll do to promote this game is to make the console beta public, which goes live tomorrow on PS4 and Xbox One (January 22). No code needed.

Hi-Rez will also release more content and updates throughout the year and details will be given soon. The Nintendo Switch version of Realm Royale will also enter private beta before February with a public beta to follow soon after. If you’re looking for a Fortnite, this is a good game to seriously consider playing competitively.

You can check out the game here. The game’s worth a play and isn’t half bad.