State of Decay 2 fixes itself up with a huge 20GB patch

State of Decay 2 has received some positive reviews so far. Players have racked up over 600 million zombies slain in just a few weeks since the game’s launch.

I recently covered that the game garnered over 1 million players, but the game was still riddled with bugs. Now, a 20GB patch went live on June 5th, 2018 that patches a huge number of plaguing issues- no pun intended.

You can find the full list on their page, but here are some highlights of what’s new in the State of Decay 2 patch:

  • Improved game stability
  • Improved networking interactions for clients
  • Improved vehicle interactions
  • Out Of Memory crash fix
  • Networking bandwidth and CPU improvements
  • Vehicle interactions in multiplayer games to address weird “rubber-banding” and physics issues
  • Flying cars bug
  • General crash bugs
  • Bug with player HUD disappearing after NPCs are executed by zombies
  • Collision spots across all 3 maps where players or vehicles were getting stuck
  • Collision spots across all 3 maps where players were getting stuck in an infinite freefall animation loop

This should make some players very happy because they were at the point where the bugs could ruin gameplay and make the game unplayable. Now, it’s nice to see that Undead Labs are working hard on the issue.

Jeff Strain, CEO of Undead Labs, says:

Hey fellow survivors, I just wanted to drop in a quick personal note on behalf of the development team to thank you for your support and for jumping in with us on State of Decay 2. This patch today is just the beginning — we have big plans for State of Decay 2, and we’re humbled and appreciative to you for giving us the opportunity to make those big plans happen. Keep playing, keep surviving (or not, as sometimes happens), and stay tuned for more good stuff!

This is awesome for all players who’ve held off on the game. It’s a good time to get into it whether or not you’ve purchased a copy for yourself yet. Or if you’re on the fence, this should sweeten the deal!

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