XCOM 2 getting new content pack?

XCOM 2 is rumored t be getting a new expansion called “TLE” and is currently set to be released soon speculates ResetEra.

There’s a thread on Reddit which has an image showing off “XCOM 2 – TLE” and “TLE CONTENT” both of which are further backed by a recent change made to the game on Steam DB and a specific build going to QA. This hints that the game is getting some final touches before going public.

The War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2 was shown off during last year’s PC Gaming Show at E3 and had a ton of new content for players. But then, the game has gone into a dormant state. This E, we just may hear some more news about the game and get some deja vu.

Right now, there’s no other confirmation of anything. E3 is almost here, so XCOM 2 may roll out some content- or at least announce it soon.

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