The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016)

The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016) 1

Doom was released back in 2016, and we just found out the last easter egg hidden in the game’s soundtrack. Although this took quite some time, it’s understandable given that Doom did its launch, and then trailed off into the back of gamer’s minds as many AAA titles have released since then. But that doesn’t … Read more The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016)

Nike’s PG 2.5 X PlayStation Colorway shoes have a secret “glow” option

Nike's PG 2.5 X PlayStation Colorway shoes have a secret "glow" option 2

A small but awesome easter egg has been discovered on the new pair of PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway sneakers.

For those who are unaware, this pair of kicks were inspired by the original PlayStation and they’re being made by Nike for PS fans. Right now, there are tons of pictures surfacing the web, but there’s an homage to PS4 that many people are missing. These are very hard to find right now in stores, so the best place to look is online if you’re just window shopping.

Many of the features of the sneakers pay tribute directly to the original PlayStation, such as the logo, color scheme, and even design and print. But Nike also snuck in a tribute to the current PS4 with a minor easter egg shoutout. A glowing Paul George logo with the PlayStation’s power button is found on the left shoe’s tongue. This is obvious just from any picture, but what’s not so obvious is that it can be controlled.

But what’s interesting is that the glowing logo has two options:

  • A solid blue glow
  • A rapid breathing, “sleep mode” strobe reminiscent of the PS4 before it goes to sleep

Twitter user SpongeYaDig shared this new information to DualShockers alongside a video demonstrating the effect:

For PlayStation fans, this is just pure bliss. When it comes to easter eggs, the minor attention to details is what matters. Paul George and Nike are both endorsers of PlayStation it seems since this isn’t the first time they’ve released PlayStation-themed sneakers.

The PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway sneakers have limited shelf availability and will likely never be found on shelves. The best way to get your hands on a pair of them is to used platforms like eBay or craigslist. I just checked on eBay and they range in price from $140 up to $600 at the time of this writing, so the limited stock release plus the special theme make these a valuable pair of shoes and definitely a collector’s item. You won’t see many people sporting these on the streets.