The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016)

The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016) 1

Doom was released back in 2016, and we just found out the last easter egg hidden in the game’s soundtrack. Although this took quite some time, it’s understandable given that Doom did its launch, and then trailed off into the back of gamer’s minds as many AAA titles have released since then. But that doesn’t … Read more The final easter egg has been found in Doom (2016)

DOOM for Switch gets a special update for DOOM’s 25th anniversary

DOOM for Switch gets a special update for DOOM's 25th anniversary 2

Panic Button, the developers of DOOM for the Nintendo Switch has announced that they’ve updated the game to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the series. The new update features some increased performance, a friends list feature, and the ability to even add recent layers in multiplayer to your friend’s list. There’s also an option … Read more DOOM for Switch gets a special update for DOOM’s 25th anniversary

90s FPS-inspired Prodeus releases reveal trailer

90s FPS-inspired Prodeus releases reveal trailer 3

Remember back then in the 90s marked the era of fast-paced, gory, FPS games like DOOM and Duke Nukem?

Prodeus is a game that wants to recreate that feeling once again in the 21st century. Retro gaming is hot right now- the SNES/NES Classic, PlayStation Classic, and the slew of retro plug and play consoles like Atari and Sega releasing their own versions on shelves. Retro-inspired gaming is the thing right now, and Prodeus is another FPS game that tries to bring back the nostalgic feel of the 90s.

The game’s Twitter page has been constantly talking and giving updates to fans about the title, but the first trailer with actual game footage was released recently with a full-on look at this violent, gory, FPS retro title. From the reveal trailer, we can see that Produeus ain’t messing around.

The game heavily resembles early DOOM with updated technology and graphics with the Unity engine. The player walks out of an elevator as a baddy teleports in his field of vision. Then a gorefest breaks out and baddies get torn apart in a volley of fists.

Blood covers the walls. Enemies are dismembered. Bodies are everywhere. The game brings gore back as we’d expect. A few weapons are demoed, such as a pistol, shotgun, and even a chaingun for quickly mowing down waves of enemies. And of course, who can forget a rocket launcher for an easy dispatching of the horde?

Prodeus will release sometime in 2019 on Steam. You can watch the trailer below:

DOOM Eternal: No SnapMap. No mods. Better multiplayer.

DOOM Eternal: No SnapMap. No mods. Better multiplayer. 4

At QuakeCon, id Software revealed that DOOM Eternal won’t have SnapMap, which is the map editor that was used in their previous title, DOOM. Instead, it’ll have single-player DLC.

In a Q/A interview, director Marty Stratton explained their reasoning for getting rid of the previous feature. He says:

“Right now we don’t plan on bringing SnapMap back into Doom Eternal,” he said. “We’re really focusing those resources on doing some of the things that players wanted more from us post-launch.”

DOOM’s fans were pretty disappointed when the campaign mode didn’t get any DLC post-release. The SnapMap mode was basically a successor to mods made by the community. SnapMap was an editor that allowed modders to customize maps in fairly advanced ways.

It could do a lot more than typical editors but wasn’t a full-blown code-required map editor. WIth the omission of this feature, id is not working on improving their tech to offer mod support again.

“One of the big criticisms – and even if I could go back and do it again – I think we’d do campaign DLC after launch. People really wanted that. They wanted stuff created by us. SnapMap was really cool. I loved it. But it didn’t really scratch that itch for people. But we know we can.”

Stratton was clear about DOOM Eternal mods and how they’re not guaranteed to be in the game.

“We had made some technical decisions way back that just pushed us in a different direction than mods. We have spent the last several years making technical decisions that get us back towards being able to do mods.

He went on to talk about how they’re shifting focus based on the previous title. He also talked about the multiplayer aspect of DOOM Eternal as another example of their plans for expansion after the game is released.

The multiplayer part will be developed with the same team rather than outsourced to another studio like in DOOM– where it was criticized for being sub-par compared to the campaign. The game will also have an invasion mode, where players can play as a baddie and invade other player’s campaigns to take the place of an AI.

He also briefly talks about a new-fangled PvP component, which is something completely new to the series:

“But we’re not really going deep into that. We are working on a PvP component. It is new. It’s not an extension of what we did last time. So it’s new. It is something we’re developing internally, which we didn’t do last time. I think players are gonna really enjoy it.”