The Outer Words release date possibly leaked on Steam.

The Outer Worlds release date leaked on Steam – August 6, 2019?

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is a game that’s been of much discussion this year. Fans are pumped.

So far we’ve learned that it’ll be more of a linear, straightforward campaign type of game. Fans still seemed okay with this notion and haven’t started bashing it – yet.

Obsidian has been slowly releasing more and more details about the game and are still confident that the game will roll out this year. A new modification to the game’s product page on Steam was discovered and archived on Steam DB. There was a new Steam release date added for August 6th, 2019. This is a little earlier than the release window we expected, so we’re not 100% sure if this is accurate.

The Outer Worlds release date leaked?
The Outer Worlds release date leaked?

The change was quickly reverted after a couple of hours but this data was logged on the changelog. We can only assume that the date was added by the publisher or developer and was then removed quickly afterward. The Outer Worlds releasing on the 6th of August this year is actually a possibility given that only the developer or publisher would have access to this page. The same update also revealed that the game will feature a multitude of languages to choose from for its subtitles. The Outer Worlds will be a text Heavy game, fans of all different backgrounds will be able to play the game in their language of preference.

The developer has also recently talked about some negativities of creating so much hype over a game. And this release date that was leaked will only add fuel to the fire. They mentioned that the game will be comparable to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. At least, in terms of how long the game will be and how big the game will be.

The game had a previous notion of being a giant game with a huge world to explore, but Obsidian came out and denied that rumor. However, even though it has more of a linear storyline than most expected, the game will still be replayable because it will have choices and branching paths based on player interactions and roles that players can fill.

Whether or not this leak is true, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously until we officially hear about it from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. Neither of them have spoken about this matter yet, so we can only take this with a grain of salt.

After all, it could have been a release typo, or they are actually creating some hype for their game – accidentally, of course. When we get actual word of when The Outer Worlds will be released, we’ll let you know. The Outer Worlds will be the next AAA title from Obsidian Entertainment and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC version won’t have a digital version available while the console versions will have physical copies available for purchase.

In the meantime, you can check out this official announcement trailer for the outer worlds. Just don’t hype it up too much – Obsidian wouldn’t like that.

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