Twitch’s most popular streamer Ninja hits 400M view milestone

Twitch’s most popular streamer Ninja has surpassed over 400M views today.

He annouced on Twitter that he’s hit 400M total views on Twitch and thanks his fans.

An aggregate total of 400,071,708 views was attached to the tweet with 12,881,442 followers. Other competitors of Ninja are Shroud at around half the total views and DrDisRespect at 100M. Given that Ninja has had massive exposure due to his gaming sessions with popular celebrities like Drake and his appearance on the Ellen Dengeres Show, twice, he’s garnered a huge following of viewers.

He also aggregated 227M hours of watch time in 2018, which is double the next channel down. He also tripled viewership hours of the Overwatch League Channel. All this brought him a calculated $10M in 2018.

Many are likely envious of Ninja’s success, but it just goes to show the potential of being an internet celebrity can bring.


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