Anthem will have a major patch next week.

Anthem dropping new patch next week – here are the details

Anthem’s new patch is in the works and is about to drop next week.

BioWare has been working hard on a new client-side update that will be released sometime next week and a small snippet of what to be expected from it has already been released to the public.

Although this isn’t the full list of what’s coming in this update, the team has a quote growing list of improvements quote that it’s deciding for its future patch.

A few bullet points of what we’re expecting in this new patch based on Bioware’s release notes, here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

  • HDR is currently not available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Game crashes are still prevalent.
  • The final boss in heart of Rage stronghold doesn’t appear in the group wipes before engaging.

BioWare also went in and released some hotfixes yesterday which didn’t require a client-side update.

They’ve also released a roadmap which will show you what to expect from the game moving forward. So far it looks like Anthem has had a decent release though it wasn’t the Blockbuster hit that many players were expecting it to be.

Anthem seems like a combination between Warframe and Destiny 2 and it seems like some players really are enjoying the game while other players don’t even want to give it a second thought. Anthem was released yesterday February 22nd on Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC.

The day one patch was already released and addressed a few bugs mainly game crashes but many players were still experiencing issues even after the day one patch.

Here’s what was fixed yesterday:

  • Coin changes for Daily/Weekly
    We have fixed an issue that displayed and rewarded the incorrect amount of Coin from various activities.
  • Stronghold Matchmaking
    We have extended the timer that allows for matchmaking in a stronghold. This should allow groups to fill easier when matchmaking.
  • Non-stop Rain
    We have fixed an issue that was causing it to rain in game more than intended.
  • Fusion Proc Bonuses on Weapons
    Weapons were incorrectly applying infusion proc/bonuses from being equipped when they should only have been applying bonuses from the weapon that was in the active slot.
  • Chests found in Missions changes
    Chests found in missions now have less of a chance to drop higher tiered items. Stronghold chests have not been touched. This change was only applied to random spawning chests that could be found in missions.
  • Emotes Not Properly Saving
    We have fixed the issue that was causing emotes not to save properly when bound.
  • Shield Fix
    We corrected an issue that was allowing players who still have shields active to be one shot by high damaging attacks.

You can check out some Hands-On impressions in this video to see what’s coming in this new patch:

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