Anthem racked up 40M hours of game time; Post-launch content planned 1

Anthem racked up 40M hours of game time; Post-launch content planned

With Anthem’s demo sessions now over, we can look at some amazing stats that took place over the last two weekends.

Anthem, even with its server problems due to the flood of players, logged an astounding 40M hours of playtime during the Anthem VIP and public demos total. BioWare annouced this news earlier and was proud of all the player interest that took place during the demo sessions.

Even with the many players that faced server login problems, server disconnects, or even frozen loading screens, the game still picked up a huge number of playtime hours. BioWare was well aware of the server problems and fixed it for the public session which took place the weekend after. Everything went well the second time around, so good on them.

Now that the demos are done, BioWare is looking to finish up on launch release builds with hundreds of fixes for the actual game that was found either during the demos or was already in development during the demos.

BioWare wants fans to know they can look forward to more free content after launch, to which players saw a “small glimpse” of over the weekend when Ancient Ash Titans were spawning all over the map in Freeplay.

Anthem officially rolls out on February 22 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can pre-order the game on Amazon.


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