Respawn CEO: Titanfall game planned for 2019, Titanfall 3 speculated 1

Respawn CEO: Titanfall game planned for 2019, Titanfall 3 speculated

Disappointed about Apex Legends? Want the “real” Titanfall 3 to roll out? Sit tight.

Respawn Entertainment announced that they’re still making more Titanfall games and will continue to develop them alongside Apex Legends. CEO Vince Zampella stated that the studio has divided up their team with a few members going to Fallen Order, but the majority is still working on the same Titanfall project that was just released. They’re focusing on adding free content and listening to player feedback to make this game a worthy project.

We all know that there was a project in the works annouced back in 2017. And now we know that it happened to be Apex Legends– EA’s version of battle royale. But not everyone was happy with this decision, which is to be expected. On one hand, you have a full-out game set in the universe while on the other you just have a battle royale game that doesn’t play the same or feel the same- at all.

Now, with the announcement of additional Titanfall projects, fans can speculate that this can only be a “real” Titanfall game. Every company is jumping on the battle royale bandwagon, and this was EA’s chance at doing so. With that out of the way, we can get back on track and focus on some core Titanfall games coming in the near future from the franchise- with actual gameplay elements that fans have come to expect from the series.

This could mean it’ll be Titanfall 3, but at the same time, it could just be a spin-off. Or even worse, a mobile game, which would then put Respawn in Blizzard’s situation with fan disappointment at the announcement of their Diablo mobile game.

Zampella posted this on his Twitter earlier today:

Zampella also said that they would be making more Titanfall games in the future, but the third game has yet to be confirmed. He also said they like experimenting in this crazy universe, which is probably a way to explain why they released a battle royale game. Or perhaps he’s saying that they’re going to experiment additionally.

Apex Legends design director Mackey McCandlish has already confirmed that the main team is working on Apex Legends at the moment, but he didn’t comment on any future projects. He said that there are no other Titanfall projects right now, which doesn’t account for the future of the series.

Zampella, the CEO, has annouced today that there will be something fans can look forward to.

So it’s safe to assume for now that Apex Legends will be the core of their focus until we see “more Titanfall” in 2019. For the meantime, you’ll have to play some Apex Legends to keep you busy. The game is free to play and features Titanfall-themed elements in a battle royale setting.

You can check out this trailer of Apex Legends to see what it’s all about: