Mad Box gets a completely new redesign; Project CARS Revolution teased

Slightly Mad Studios has changed the design of their console, the Mad Box.

When you’re a small studio looking to compete with giants like the Xbox 2 and the PS5, you’ve gotta do whatever it takes. The Mad Box’s design has now been changed, radically, compared to the previous model. With about 3 years remaining before release, the studio has all the time in the world to change the design drastically. Slightly Mad Studios has shifted from a vertical to a horizontal layout with some cool angles and ambient lighting in their newest prototype.

The previous design was released just a week ago, and now the design has shifted to something that looks like a completely different console. With such freedom and the ability to shapeshift so quickly, it must be nice to be a company that’s really got nothing to lose against the big boys. Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell said on Twitter that they’ve decided to change its look. A new series of pics show off a much slicker and compact console without the huge company on the side of the unit. The changes were done after community feedback.

I gotta give it to them. if there’s any console in history that’s been listening to what players want, it’s the Mad Box. The new console has been just annouced, and it’s already changed a lot just from listening to the community. There’s also a front-facing display that shows the current game you’re playing and other notifications.

They even went as far as publishing “Project CARS Revolution” on the mockup picture, which may be a tease at their next upcoming title. Bell replied that “It just might be” their next game. That’s a two-in-one whammy.

When this thing was first annouced on Twitter, it was known to be a console that has full VR support and is as powerful as a high-end PC in 2020. It’s been making the news given all the ridiculousness surrounding it. Given that this studio is completely new to making consoles, we’re not sure if it’ll ever even be released to the public other than a few prototypes.

Bell also annouced that he’ll let the public come up with the slogan for the Mad Box. The best one gets $10K and free games for life. Pretty cool.

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